Monday, May 18, 2015

HPB Presents: Double stamping topped with Enchanted polish Djinn in the bottle "Sunny afternoon flowers"


This nail art with double stamping was done in three stages and I posted two of them before: reciprocal gradient with Pia and Pinking out of the window and wood-like stamping with metallic brown. Final stage was to stamp white flowers and coat it all with holographic topper Djinn in the bottle. I loved look at every stage, but was fully satisfied only after application of Djinn. Every layer works so good with the previous one and at the beginning I had no idea what would be the final look. It was improvisation at every stage and result is just wonderful. Did you ever started mani without clear idea how you will finish it?


Figure 1. Nail art "Sunny afternoon flowers".

Figure 2. More images with bottle.

Figure 3. And without.

Figure 4. Individual nails.

Figure 5. Macro images of stamping.

Materials and Methods

Nail Polish:
  • Zoya - Pia (gradient)
  • China glaze - Pinking out of the window (gradient)
  • DRK - Metalic brown (stamping)
  • Mundo de unas - White (stamping)
  • Enchanted polish Djinn in the bottle (topper)
Stamping plates:
  • Bundle monster - BM608
  • TIAN-XIN -18
Other materials:
  • Striping tape


  1. Love the double stamping!! The white really pops over those base colors :)

    1. Thank you so much, if I'm not sure which colour to use, I go with white or black :)