Friday, February 27, 2015

Swatch Indie polish - Blazing sunburn


Today I wanna show you my favorite matte polish from new "Meet me in Mexico"collection released by Indie polish. It's gorgeous Blazing sunburn - coral polish with a touch of pink shimmer. This one is just breathtakingly beautiful on it's own, and also looks great with shiny topcoat (you can see it for yourself here). Moreover, matte finish makes the surface of this polish such a delight to the touch. If you wear Blazing sunburn you will not be able to take your eyes of it or stop touching your nails, so be extra careful ;)


Figure 1. Blazing sunburn from "Meet me in Mexico"collection.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Shoot the butterfly, Crows toes - nail art "Butterfly wings"


Today I want to share nail art which was a part of #tryagain Tuesday challenge at Polish stamping plate co-op. I recreated butterfly nails using gorgeous Crows toes glitter, Shoot the butterfly and my favorite Zoya polish, Amy. Original butterfly wings were done using drawing with tiny brush, you can find pictures of them at the end of the post. However, this time I used stamping, combined with dotting of white spots, this way results look way more elegant.

Figure 1. Nail art "Butterfly wings".

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

HPB Presents: "Tender hearts" nail art with Indie polish Blazing sunburn


St. Valentine day is over, but I could not miss opportunity to create Valentine's nails for the HPB group to which I was accepted only recently. So this post contains my "Tender hearts" nail art made using stamping decal technique and not only includes links to other Valentine nails on my blog, but also to all nail arts created by other bloggers from HPB group. Please check them out, they are super gorgeous. I'm really excited to be in this group, as it's full of interesting and useful information and personal advices from experienced nail art bloggers. So much to learn and I love to learn :)

Figure 1. Nail art "Tender hearts".

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

ABC challenge: Enchanted polish - Dark fantasy and Amazing: "Stripping violet"


Today it's time for letter "E" and  I used two Enchanted polishes for this near negative space striping nail art. One thin coat of glitter Amazing + OPI sheer tint makes it near negative adding sparkle and a bit of color to the bare nail. I wanted to use my striping tapes forever and it was a good occasion to try them. This nail art turned out exactly like I imagined and it looks amazing , also it's easy to do even if you are a beginner. Dotting flowers on accent nail make it even more interesting. I love this combo and both polishes, money well spent. 

Figure 1. Nail art "Stripping violet".

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Swatch Enchanted polish - Regal


This week my second batch of creams from Enchanted polish finally arrived. It includes: Regal, Malibu and Petal and I'm going to swatch all of them and do some nail art. Today, I want to show swatches of Regal. It was pretty sheer after one coat, but second coat made it perfectly opaque. The formula of this polish is similar to that of Valentine, so it has lots of shine and can look quite dark. The color is beautiful, but you probably can find the same color for much cheaper price. Regal is my least favorite from the trio.

Figure 1. Regal - cream Enchanted polish.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Fiore (Julep) "Chocolate delight"


Happy st. Valentine's day everyone. Since I already posted some traditional Valentine nail arts this week here and here, today I want to share with you something more unusual. Dark chocolate nails with some sparkling heart vines inspired by delicious chocolate candies we usually enjoy during this time.

Figure 1. Nail art "Chocolate delight".

Thursday, February 12, 2015

ABC challenge: Drinks with umbrellas (Indie polish) + LIPIF (Enchanted polish) "Barbie"


Day 4, letter "D" and awesome matte polish Drinks with umbrellas. This polish is a part of a new collection "Meet me in Mexico" released by Indie polish last week. I got entire collection and you will see the rest of them once we reach letter "I". What can I say about this polish? It's super bright and has very smooth finish, I adore it even though this pink is a bit too much for me. To make it even more "Barbie" I added some Life in plastic glitter from Enchanted polish and they work really nice together. Gorgeous combination of sparkle and matte finish results in "Barbie" with her swirly heart full of love.

Figure 1. Nail art "Barbie".

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

ABC challenge: Color craze, coral reef and more "Gradient of love"


It's a third day of the challenge, so for letter "C" I used untried Color craze polish Animated and gorgeous Picture polish Coral reef, previously used once. This pink-red gradient was perfect for St. Valentine's day stamping and I also could not resist and topped it with holographic Djinn (Enchanted polish). I called this mani "Gradient of love" as it pretty much shows volatile nature of love. Also it looks super bright and at the same time tender  creating perfect mood for this upcoming romantic day.   

Figure 1. Nail art "Gradient of love".

Thursday, February 5, 2015

ABC challenge: Boo by Dance legend + Neon yellow (MdU) "Golden autumn"


Second day of ABC challenge letter "B". In my collection there was only one untried polish starting from that letter, gorgeous duochrome Boo from Dance legend. I bought this polish in May while traveling in Russia and it's a shame I did not try it before. I'm really glad I had to wear Boo, because now there is a little sun on each of my nails. This splash of color* reminds me of beautiful autumn trees and brings me back to that wonderful time of the year. Perfect to escape for a moment long and cold Canadian winter.

Figure 1. Nail art "Golden autumn".

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

ABC challenge: Army of one (CBL) + Avocado (MdU) "Pandas life"


Today I'm going to post first entry for the new challenge. It's a ABC challenge and it's about using untried polish in alphabetical order. First letter is "A" and I used Army of one and Avocado to create this panda nail art.

Figure 1. Nail art "Pandas life".

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Mundo de Unas stamping polish review.


It's a first day of February and this month is going to be about ABC challenge. The idea of this challenge is to use untried polishes in alphabetical order (feel free to join us). Recently I received a second batch of great stamping polish from Mundo de Unas, so I plan to use many of them during this month. Since now I have 30 different colors + black & white, I decided to compare all of them in this post. Hopefully it'll help you to choose, which color you want to add to your own collection.
PS: I made second review with 40 colors, bottle pictures and names, organized in very convenient collages. Plus links to the blog posts where I used each polish. You can find this review here.
Figure 1. My new Mundo de Unas colors, I plan to use most of them for ABC challenge. Here I used the same stamping pattern for easier comparison.