Thursday, July 2, 2015

Femme fatale poisoned apple with stamping for #OMD3nails "Swallow"


It's been a while since I first saw OMD3 challenge, but because it was a daily one, I was hesitant to join. Finally I made up my mind to participate and make as many entries as I can. This awesome challenge with prizes is hosted by Jacque from Craftynail, Lindsay from Nailthataccent, Jemma Eeeeknailpolish and Brijit from Brijits Digits and it looks super interesting. Here is my first entry for Day 1 teal. Dark teal polish called Poisoned apple from Famme fatale with some MDU pastel blue stamping. It's true that this blue stamping makes it look more blue than teal, but I like how they complement each other. manu macros at the end to show gorgeous shimmer.


Figure 1. Nail art "Swallow"

Figure 2. More images with bottle.

Figure 3. And without.

Figure 4. Individual nails.

Figure 5. Macro images of stamping.

Materials and Methods

Nail Polish:
  • Femme fatale - poisoned apple (2 coats)
  • Mundo de Unas - Pastel blue (stamping)
Stamping plates:
  • Born pretty store - QA82 and BP24



  1. I really love the polishes from this collection especially this one and mirror mirror on the wall. I have to catch a restock though.

    1. oh yes, this collection was outstanding and Mirror Mirror is a glitter queen. I got 5 other FF polishes and Moonlight statute looks like a purple version of Mirror, so take a look at it you might like it. And good luck with restocks !!!

  2. Lobe this combination! Poisoned Apple is the perfect backdrop for that flying bird!

    1. Thank you Sumeet, I wanted to make different stamping on accent nail and it too a while before i thought about bird :)