Saturday, May 23, 2015

Water marble decals with neon Indie polish "The brighter - the better"


Neon water marbles are one of the hottest trends currently and I was really sad because of my no buy I could not get any new polish, to try it. Not for long though, just until I realized that neon matte collection which I bought during winter could be good for marbling. And my intuition was right, they marbled perfectly (Figure 1 and 2)!!! I used 1 coat of yellow  Don't forget the sunscreen as a background and made water marble decals for all fingers except ring finger. I tried this technique before with Picture polish and loved how clean it's compared to regular water marble. This time I took photo of dried marble to show you (Figure 2, last two pictures), is not it cool?  For my ring finger I used regular dip in method and it also worked fine, but I noticed that marble got more stretched and a bit less vivid, which was not surprising since you push on the marble to get it on your nail. Making water marble decals also allows to achieve perfect positioning and saves a lot of polish. I love this bright final look and how neon green and pink became warmer due to the yellow background.


Figure 1. Nail art "The brighter - the better".

Figure 2. Water marble while it's wet and after it dries.


Figure 3. More images with bottles.

Figure 4. And without.

Figure 5. Individual nails.

Figure 6. Macro of marbled nail.

Materials and Methods

Nail Polish:
  • Indies polish - Don't forget the sunscreen (1 coat)
  • Indies polish - Meet me in Mexico collection (water marble)


  1. I love it. Gorgeous pictures too!

    1. Thank you Kyong for all your interest and support, I really appreciate it !!! <3

  2. Super pretty! I love watermarble macros so much and yours are simply divine!!!

    1. Thank you Sumeet, looks like we feed each others macro addiction :)

  3. Absolutely amazing, and what a shame you covered it up with so much stamping in a later post!

    1. ahahha Christine, I wanted to improve my stamping over marble and some people liked it :) next time I'll try something less dense.