Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Born pretty scale vinyls review and coupon code "Rainbow mermaid"


Contains press sample
Good day darlings. Today I want to share review of nail vinyls from Born pretty store. They do not look like regular vinyls, but more like holo stickers and that's what is actually written on the package. But it's incredibly easy to work with them and the holo finish is so pretty to look at (Figure 2).  There are 12 sticker in the package (size 21 x 25 mm). You have to cut them, it's pretty easy to do following guide lines. On my medium size nails I was able to use half of the sticker per nail and it was just perfect. This vinyls stick really well to the polish and it's super easy to remove them as  whole piece. Some of the other brand vinyls which I used before would tear apart while removing them, no such problem here. I highly recommend this product, it's on sale currently only 1,99 $ and you  can also use my coupon code PHDX31 to get 10% from entire store. Oh, and do not forget to check out video tutorial for Rainbow mermaid nails, which I did using these scale vinyls and Lost my marbles from The Don Deeva polish.


Figure 1. "Rainbow mermaid" nail design using scale vinyls.

Figure 2.  Scale vinyls cute packaging and macro of holo finish.

Figure 3. More images of nail design with bottle and without, plus out of focus holo.

Figure 4. Another macro image. I could not stop taking holo macros...

Figure 5. Video tutorial.

Materials and Methods

Nail Polish:
  • Pipe dream polish - Cha- Ching! (1 coat)
  • The Don Deeva polish - Lost my marbles collection (press sample)
Other materials:

You can buy this vinyls here.

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