Monday, January 25, 2016

Born pretty stamping plate BPL-23 review and coupon code.


Press sample
Good day darlings. Today I have review of another stamping plate from Born pretty store BPL-23. This plate is super sweet it has images of various candies, fruits and drinks and can be used any time, as well as for some holiday themed manis. There are full nail images (size 15 x 21 mm) and small individual images, best of all they correlate between each other. For my design I made stamping decals from large image with tea cups for index and pinky. On the rest of my fingers I did gradient and stamped 3 different images on top. This combination turned out really pretty and I'm definitely going to use this plate in the future. If you are interested in BPL 023 it's currently on sale (only 3.99$), also fell free to use my coupon code PHDX31 to get 10% from entire store.


Figure 1. "Tea love" stamping nail art using BPL-23

Figure 2. Macro images and stamping swatches of BPL-23. Stamping polish Holland Blue Mundo de Unas.

Figure 3. More images with bottle and without.

Figure 4. Macro images of individual nails.

Materials and Methods

Nail Polish:
  • Picture polish - Lizzie, Hussy and Dragonfly (gradient and stamping decals)
  • Mundo de Unas - Black (stamping)
Stamping plates and other materials:
  • Born pretty store - BPL 023 (press sample)
You can buy this stamping plate here.

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