Saturday, January 16, 2016

Born pretty store stamping plate BPL-025 review and coupon code plus 40 great nail art ideas


Press sample

Good day darlings. This week I received my second package from Born pretty store for review - 3 stamping plates and nail vinyls. I will be posting reviews withing next two weeks. First plate which I chose is BPL-025 (Figure 1). It's a animal themed plate with two types of images. Full nail images (size 15 x 22 mm) and plenty of individual animals, which are super cute (Figure 2). Full nail images have quite large patterns which might not work well for someone with short nails, while individual animals are not that big and could be use even on smaller nails. I also love that some images come in pairs, for example bunnies and doves, so that you can mix and match them. I used only two images with birds for my nail design* (see at the end why exactly I chose this images). And because one of them was large with multiple birds I was able to stamp different birds on each nail, it was exactly what I wanted. This is the advantage of having large image and small nails, you can really choose which porting you want to stamp and be creative. BPL -025 is currently on sale you can buy it for 3.99$ or you can also use my coupon code PHDX31 to get 10% from entire store.


Figure 1. BPL-025 and "Flying birds"

Figure 2. Macro images of stamping plate BPL-025. Etching of each image is perfect and gives good stamping results. Last image is test stamping on paper with MdU polish Holland Blue.

Figure 3. More images with bottle and without.

Figure 4. Macro images of stamping.

Materials and Methods

Nail Polish:
  • Crows Toes - Toxic buttercup, Green thumb of doom and Love stinks (gradient)
  • Mundo de Unas - Black (stamping)
Stamping plates and other materials:
  • Born pretty store - BPL -025 (press sample)

You can buy this stamping plate here.

*Yesterday I was so excited to become a part of wonderful group 40 great nail art ideas, that I decided to jump right in and make a design which would much current prompt "Things that fly". Hence, out of all images on this cute plate I used birds, although initially I planned to use cat and his fish. No regrets, this mani turned out so wonderful.

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