Sunday, September 14, 2014

September Nail Art Challenge: Stamping Month! Day 14: Leaves


Today our stamping theme is "Leaves" and I planned to do something with real autumn spirit - Jelly leaf stamping sandwich. Classic jelly sandwich consists of two alternating layer: jelly and glitter, but once I saw that you also can alternate stamping with jelly, I was in love with this technique. The problem was absence of any jelly polish in my collection. However I learned that I can mix my own jelly combining clear polish and any cream polish. 


 Figure 1. All five nails stamped with maple leaf pattern (3 times) alternating with 4 coats of orange jelly.

Figure 2. Two more images at different light setting.

Figure 3. Macro image of stamping jelly sandwich.

Materials and Methods:

Nail polish: 
  • Home made orange jelly (Nail rock + La Senza - Neon Orange)
  • Sally Hansen -Natural white
Stamping plates:
  •  BM-004

This stamping sandwich was made using home mixed jelly . I started with 1 coat of jelly, then stamped with leaves and let it dry. Total I made 3 coats of jelly + stamping and topped it with one more jelly layer. I did this yesterday evening and I like result a lot, so i took some quick pictures, hoping to make more in the day light. And this was a bad decision. In spite that i waited at least one hour before going to bed in the morning every nail had prints of fabric on them (I hate so much when it happens). So my home made jelly is not good, fortunately I was able to get some Julep jellies and definitely will try this technique again, fingers crossed.Let me know what are you favorite jellies and how you use them :)

Inspirations for stamping jelly sandwiches