Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September Nail Art Challenge: Stamping Month! Day 2: Lace


Doing different stamping everyday is fun, but full change of mani is too demanding. So i decided to cheat little bit and used my right hand with the same Toxic Buttercup background for second day lace stamping ;)


 Figure 1. All five nails stamped with one lace pattern, but I tried to shift pattern for each finger to make it more interesting.

 Figure 2. Same thing, but different light and color balance. I do photoshop all my images simply because my another hobby is photography and i like to play with final pictures.

Figure 3. Close look. Surprisingly with this combo shine of Buttercup was more pronounced, but still hard to capture :)

Materials and Methods:

Nail polish: 

  • Dance legend - Enamel gel Effect 883
  • Crows Toes - Toxic Buttercup
  • Color craze - Wired

Stamping plates:
  • Pueen 28

For details on background please see my previous post. Blue polish used for stamping turned out to look more like turquoise because it was semi-transparent. It makes final mani more gentle and I definitely like this result.


The blue Color craze polish is one of my oldest and I was very upset with its formula in the beginning, because it is not very well pigmented. However, I kept using it for nail art, including water marble and it thickened with time. Now it became good for stamping, with one notion it's semi-transparent. Personally I like it, because you can get different results dependent on the background color. However, it would not be my first choice if i would need real blue as a result. It's always a good idea to test results of such semi-transparent stampings in advance ;)


Check out same stamping pattern done by Tina *

it was a pure accident we decided on the same lace )


  1. I think it's so great we all used the same stamping plate but different polish & stamping colours! Shows how creative and versatile stamping can be! :)

    1. yes, that's why I love stamping. You do not need many plates to do fantastic nails, just some creativity. And it's always good to see how people use the same plates in a different way :) I loved idea of stamping on thermo polish, once my nails are long enough, I also will do something like this.