Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Winter nail art challenge: New years eve


Today I post final entry of winter nail art challenge - "New years eve". I would like to thank organizer of this challenge Helena from lacky corner and all participants. It was fun and wonderful experience for me, I really enjoyed wonderful nail arts with holiday themes. And of course I'm flattered to have followers and readers on my blog. I wish all of you an amazing 2015 with many many beautiful things in it, including new nail polishes ;)  Thank you so much for your comments,  I always enjoy reading your feedback. Happy new year everyone !!!

Figure 1. All five nails stamped with New York fireworks.

Figure 2. Two more images at natural light.

Figure 3. Macro images of stamping.

Materials and Methods:

Nail polish: 
  • Dance legend - Steel panther (1 coat)
  • OPI sheer tints (highlights)
  • Mundo de Unas -Black (stamping)
Stamping plates:
  • Bundel monster - BM 414, 609 and 610


This nail art is inspired by my new years trip to New York in 2012. It was unforgettable experience to watch fireworks on Manhattan skyline. I did not have stamps of fireworks, so I mimicked them with OPI tints over holographic steel panther and it looks nice. There is much more sparkle, which I did not capture with camera. Final result is nice, but I'm definitely going to buy some plates with fireworks. Please let me know in comments which firework plates are your favorite?


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  1. Oh, wow! That is amazing! - And pretty! :) I love the sparkly and rainbowy background!

  2. Great look and perfect representation based on the inspiration!