Saturday, July 11, 2015

Nail art with Picture polish Grace and Moon nails Xavier stamping for #OMD3 "Love vine"


Hello my dear readers, today as a part of #OMD3 challenge prompt "Leaves" I have stamping nail art with another gorgeous metallic polish from Moon nails supply. It's beautiful green color called Xavier (part of sexy metal set), which is pretty unique and does not exist among colors available from Mundo de Unas. From my macro pictures you can see that this polish stamps perfectly for both images with large areas and tiny lines. Since it's metallic, Xavier does separate in the bottle, so you have to mix it before stamping to get even and beautiful color, but it totally worth it. You can buy this polish with group buy discount from facebook group PSP CooP.


Figure 1. Nail art "Love vine"

Figure 2. More images with bottle.

Figure 3. And without.

Figure 4. Individual nails.

Figure 5. Macro images of stamping.

Materials and Methods

Nail Polish:
  • Picture polish - Grace and Paris (radial gradient)
  • Bissu - Oro rosa (stamping)
  • Moon nails supply - Xavier (stamping)
Stamping plates:
  • Bundle monster - BM608
  • Tian Xin - 18, MoYou London knock off
  • Born Pretty store - QA27

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