Saturday, October 31, 2015

Born pretty stamping plate BPL-21 review and coupon code.

Press samples

Good day darlings, today I have a review of second stamping plate BPL-21 which I received from Born pretty store.  If you are interested my first review of BP-71 stamping plate can be found here.  As, I promised, in this review I also will show you giant stamper and mini ring which were kindly included in my parcel. Also, I now have a personalized code for  10% off at Born pretty store-  PHDX31, feel free to use it if you like. Overall, it was a lot of fun to experiment with little silhouettes on the plate before I came up with nail art design called "Childhood memories", and of course I had to take some pictures wearing beautiful mini ring. But one thing at a time, let's start with stamping plate.


Figure 1. Born pretty store stamping plate review and nail art "Childhood memories"

Figure 2. BPL-21 stamping plate overview. BPL-21 is a large rectangular plate with comes in a pretty paper cover similar to MoYou London plates (figure 1 and 2). It also has white plastic backing and blue protective film on top (which I removed before taking pictures). Plate size is 6 x 12 cm and image sizes varies, so that you can choose whatever fits your nail length. Among images there are multiple human silhouettes of different ages, which can be used to create various stories for your nail art designs

Figure 3. Stamping test on paper and stamping decals. I used Konad stamp II and Holland blue Mundo de Unas polish. All test images were stamped with first attempt.  Small silhouettes stamped perfectly with all tiny details. As I was expecting there were some problems with two bottom right images of faces. These images have very large areas and it was hard to scrape them without removing some polish. however, after several attempts with more gentle scraping I got them to stamp completely and even made some Halloween stamping decals with zombies (Figure 3).

Figure 4. Zombies were fun, but looking at all the images of little girls I decided to create a "Childhood memories" nails design. For this nail art I used 4 different images. one image with little girl and her dog was split between two nails. And for image on my thumb I stamped little balloon 10 times and even without cleaning plate in between every time it stamped perfectly. Needles to say I was very happy with images and colored them using several jelly polishes.

 Figure 5. And here I'm wearing mini ring on my ring finger. It's a wonderful match to the nail design as every girl now and then feels like a princess.  More images of this ring you can find below.

Figure 6. Macro images of stamping. From these macros you can see good quality of the stamping. I just want to add that a portion of jump rope is missing, because it got stamped on my finger instead of the nail. 

Figure 7. Extra goodies - giant stamper. Most probably by now you already heard bout giant stampers. This one is 4 x 6 cm and I was not able to pick image with it right away. However, after wiping it with pure acetone, it started to pick up a decent portion of image. So I'm going to play more with it and see if it can be used to make decals.

Figure 8. Extra goodies - mini ring. Finally, a close look at the mini ring which is shaped as a crown with artificial pearls and stones. This ring looks super cute and has a very small diameter (only 12 mm, which can be adjusted). It would fit for people with tiny fingers, like myself.

Materials and Methods

Stamping plates:
  • Born pretty - BPL-021
Nail Polish:
  • Femme Fatale - Cydonia glimmer (2 coats)
  • Mundo de Unas - White (stamping)
  • OPI sheer tints + DIY jellies - coloring

You can buy this plate from Born pretty store (click here) and do not forget to use my 10% off discount code  PHDX31.


  1. Love the childhood memory mani! And that base polish WOW that has been one of my lemmings for quite awhile now. I told myself that I will definitely use this plate for some valentines day manis.

    1. Thanks my dear, this plate would be perfect for Valentine design and good luck with lemming hunting!!!