Thursday, September 11, 2014

September Nail Art Challenge: Stamping Month! Day 11: Books


I was really excited for today's topic "Books". I love reading and used to read a lot of science fiction. To my disappointment I could not find any single image related to books on my plates. I had to think hard about it before I got an idea. It's been a while since I wanted to make fire nail art, and guess who is one of my favorite science fiction authors? I do not know about you, but for me books and fire can mean only one thing: Fahrenheit 451. So this single nail art is dedicated to Ray Bradbury and his fantastic book.

Figure 1. Single nail art. I deliberately increased brightness in photoshop for more "burning look".

Figure 2. Images with bottles of polish at different light settings.

Figure 3. Super macro image. 

Materials and Methods:

Nail polish: 
  • Picture polish - Vegas (background sponge gradient)
  • Zoya - Amy (background sponge gradient)
  • Zoya - Kerry (background sponge gradient)
  • Julep - Fiore (book stamping)
  • Sally Hansen -Natural white (stamping)
Stamping plates:
  •  Pueen 41 & 45

I started by creating fire gradient using sponge technique (Kerry- Amy- Vegas from cuticle), it took 3 rounds to create nice colorful background. Since there was no  image of book n my plates I drew book directly on the stamper using brush. Not a difficult task just several lines to make cover (Fiore) and white pages (natural white). I put a layer of top coat on the book to make a decal, also I applied top coat on top of the gradient, first of all is makes gradient smoother and second it helps to stick decal, but you should apply decal on semi-dry topcoat. To create "on fire" effect I also added several strokes of orange and red polish around and on top of the book. Another layer of topcoat and finally stamping of numbers 451 using plates number 41 and 45 :) There was no "F" on my plates so I concentrated hard and made "F" with brush in my shaking left hand...yeahhh this nail is on my primary, right hand (I did not want to remove seahorse from left thumb). I'm super happy with results and if you did not read book or see movie, you should definitely do so ;)

Gorgeous gradient from Roberta reminded me that I wanted to make fire nails ;)

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