Friday, September 12, 2014

September Nail Art Challenge: Stamping Month! Day 12: Bugs


The challenge of the day -Bugs and in contrast to previous two days I have plenty of different bugs on my plates. Mostly butterflies, which are frequently featured in nail art. I wanted to use more unusual ones and put one bug per nail on simple background. So it looks like entomological collection :) My favorite is index finger, because ant looks super realistic.

Figure 1. Entomological collection on my nails.

Figure 2. Tree more images at different light settings and with different bottles.

Figure 3. Macro images of stamping on each nail.

Materials and Methods:

Nail polish: 
  • Julep - Oxygen (french background)
  • Sally Hansen - Natural white (french background)
  • Essie -Licorice (stamping)
  • Emily de Molly- Dark crystal (highlights)
  • Picture polish - Vegas (stamping and highlights)
  • Sephora+Pantone Universe - Parachute Purple (stamping)
  • Crows Toes - Love stinks (highlights)
  • La senza -Blue (stamping)
  • Picture polish - Mirage (highlights)

Stamping plates:
  • Pueen 45 & 46
  • Salon express SE-19

I decided to use french tips as background and did not regret it, as in the process I figured out an easy way to make them perfect. After it was done I stamped each nail with different bug and finally highlighted them using brush and a bit of sparkly polish. I did not apply any top coat so that bugs have a bit of volume and out-stand nicely from background.

Check out Tina's bugs they are adorable.

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