Monday, September 8, 2014

September Nail Art Challenge: Stamping Month! Day 8: Dragons


Challenge for today was dragons, but I do not have any dragon related images on my plates, so I did a dragonfly, close enough, right? ;) This nail art was inspired by one of the nail arts I found on pinterest. It combines, gradient, dotting and stamping techniques. I really enjoyed the process and result, especially when I saw it in the sun light with shining holographic polish.


Figure 1. All four nails each featuring unique combination of gradient and stamping or dotting (details in the methods).

Figure 2. Three more images, at different light settings.

Figure 3. Images taken in the sunlight.  On the last one i hold bottle of enchanted EtD.

 Figure 4. Macro images of every finger in sunlight.

Materials and Methods:

Nail polish: 
  • Julep - Nicolette
  • Picture polish - White wedding
  • Emily de Molly - Inner peace
  • Emily de Molly - Indigo flow
  • Enchanted polish - Engineered to destroy
Stamping plates:
  • BM- 004
  • Salon express SE-21
Index finger: Inner peace (2 coats) + Indigo flow (sponge application) + stamping (Nicolette) and dotting

Middle finger: Nicolette (2 coats) + Indigo flow/Inner peace (sponge gradient starting from cuticle) + dotting

Ring finger: Nicolette (2 coats) + Indigo flow/Inner peace/White wedding (sponge gradient starting from cuticle) + stamping (EtD)

Pinky: Nicolette (2 coats) + Inner peace/White wedding (sponge gradient starting from cuticle) + stamping (EtD)


Polishes I used to create gradient with sponge mixed very well and gave me really beautiful back ground nicely sparkling in the sunlight. I wanted background on following nail to be light than on the previous one to created gradient between fingers and I think it worked. Dragonfly is in the blue sky flying away from exotic flower and spreading magic pollen in the air.



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