Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September Nail Art Challenge: Stamping Month! Day 17: Candies


Today is 17th day of September stamping challenge and the theme is "Candy". This day is super special for me, because it's a due day for my first baby, so I made this sweet candy jelly stamping sandwich for him. Hope you also will enjoy it as much, as I do.
Figure 1. All five nails stamped with candy pattern between layers of jelly.

Figure 2. Three more images at different light settings.

Figure 3. Macro images of stamping.

Materials and Methods:

Nail polish: 
  • Julep -Wendy (jelly)
  • Sally Hansen -Natural white (stamping)
  • Dance legend - Steel panther (highlights)

Stamping plates:
  •  Pueen 37

First, I applied two layers of Wendy and let it dry. Second, I stamped candy patern on all nails and added silver highlights using tiny brush. Finally, I applied one more layer of jelly and top coat. I'm seriously in love with the results, my nails look so yummy, as never before :))

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  1. That is so pretty Alesya! You are really talented to think of patterns like that !!! Good luck with baby !!!

  2. These are so beautiful! All the best for your expected bundle of joy :)

  3. So pretty!! What did you stamp with, I love it. Are you expecting? <3 All my love and best wishes to you and the little oneXXxxxxx