Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Winter nail art challenge: Christmas candies


Today the challenge was to make nail art related to Christmas candies and I knew right away that my inspiration will be candy cane. I decided to make something more complex than just stripes, and water marble technique seemed to be ideal for candy nails. Water marbling can give gorgeous results, but you need to be patient. Looks like this time I nailed it :)


Figure 1. Candy cane nails holding candy cane.

Figure 2. More images at different light settings.

Figure 3. Macro images of nails. This water marble looks so yummy.

Figure 4. Bonus image with my baby boy tiny hand.

Materials and Methods:

Nail polish: 
  • Julep - MacKenzie (water marble)
  • Julep - Nicolette (water marble)
  • Color club - Berry and bright (water marble and candy wrap)
  • Mundo de Unas - Reddish (stamping)
  • Dance legend - Mountain snow (highlights)
Stamping plates:
  •  Bundle monster 410

Here is one little secret for you. Several trials and errors helped me to figure out that for "candy" look it's better to use not too many rounds of polish in the water. I did: white-green-white-red-white-green-white-red-white and it was perfect. More rounds would result in more pigmented colors, which does not look "candy" at all.

Check out other participants are below:


  1. OMG, it amazing!
    And your little boy's hand it's so sweet!
    Thank you for the tip!

    1. Thank you for reading it, hope it'll be useful for you :)