Tuesday, February 3, 2015

ABC challenge: Army of one (CBL) + Avocado (MdU) "Pandas life"


Today I'm going to post first entry for the new challenge. It's a ABC challenge and it's about using untried polish in alphabetical order. First letter is "A" and I used Army of one and Avocado to create this panda nail art.

Figure 1. Nail art "Pandas life".

Figure 2. More images at different light settings.

Figure 3. Macro image of stamping.

Materials and Methods

Nail Polish:
  • Colors by Llarowe - Army of one (2 coats)
  • Mundo de Unas - Avocado, Black and White (stamping and decals)
Stamping Plates:
  • Bundle Monster - BM 424

In order to create this nail art I combined two techniques, double stamping and stamping decals. If you look at the stamping plate you'll see that my pandas look a bit different. I modified them after I picked up images with stamper using small brush and acetone. That's why one panda is sad without any leaves left on the branch and second panda is cheerful with plenty of leaves to chew on. I think they might meet each other soon ;)