Saturday, June 20, 2015

Guest post at Tales of coffee lacquer and beauty plus Duck polish story

It's a very unusual post today. First of all I want to say that you can read my guest post at Tales of coffee lacquer and beauty. Take a look, it's stamping over water marble and I was really happy to write it for Sumeet. Here is one picture, as you can see I used metallic Kleancolor polish for stamping.

Another news is that I wrote to the Born pretty store and they agreed to send me some stamping plates for review. It's very exciting, since so far I was always purchasing things myself. I'm looking forward to work with them, those BP plates which I have stamp really nice. My review post will have clear indication that these plates were a press sample, but I promise to stay truthful as usually.

Finally, there was a contest at Polish stamping plate Coop where we were supposed to create a scene using nail polish bottles. I got so carried away, that I made a whole story in four scenes.

Part 1. One of my favorite colors is yellow, so I have quite a few yellow polishes, which with the help of little fimo balls make cute ducklings. Meet the Duck polish family, mother and her 7 yellow babies.

Part 2. Happy Duck family was enjoying summer afternoon, when mother duck spotted approaching sneaky crocodile and urged her covey to cross the road into safety. Meanwhile the smallest duckling decided to get a flower for his mom... Will he make it in time or will be eaten by crocodile? His mom is really worried. 

Part 3. All but one are safe across the road.  The little guy got a beautiful flower alright, but crocodile is much closer now. He starts to cross the road and luckily flashing lights of approaching car scare crocodile away. Will there be a happy ending in this story?

Part 4. Oh no, the car was too fast and now Mother Duck has 6 little ducklings and one little angel. While crossing any road check twice for approaching cars, otherwise you can escape the crocodile, but make it to the otherworld, not just other side. The end.

  • Zoya - Dacry and Kerry
  • Indie polish - Don't forget sunscreen
  • Crows toes - Toxic buttercup
  • Femme fatale - Gossamer dust
  • Kleancolor - Metallic yellow
  • Color4nails - Crystalline nail veil


  1. Cute! The photo story is really sweet!

    1. Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it :)

  2. Too cute! Your little boy's toys came in handy.

    1. Oh, yes he was so curious about these duck polish when I was setting up scenes. Just crawling around coffee table where I put it and trying to pull some of them down :D

  3. Beautiful design btw. I love how tribal it looks.

    1. Thank you, I also thought it looks tribal somehow :)