Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Moon nails supply stamping swatch review of two collections Diva and Sexy metals, plus comparison with Mundo de Unas


Good day darlings, it took forever, but I finally finished my review of two stamping polish collections from Moon nails supply. One of them is called Diva and has 8 bright colors, another one is Sexy metals with 8 metallics. I purchased mini bottles (5 ml), but there are also regular size bottles available (16 ml). Overall properties of Moon polish are very similar to that of Mundo de Unas (follow link to see my review of MdU polish). There are two differences, I found that Moon polish is more difficult to remove with sticky tape if you messed up stamping on your nail, but it can be done. And due to the some difference in the formula Moon polish separates more, however it's also much more easy to mix it up with simple bottle shaking or special mixer, if you have one. The smell is different, but strength is comparable to that of Mundo de unas polish.  Why bother getting Moon polish? First of all they offer some colors which are really unique, and gorgeous. For example, two metallics green Xavier and red Julio do not have analogues among Mundo de Unas colors, as well as Vincent. Second, they also offer Bissu polish of various finishes and colors, which is always in stock, unlike on MDU web site, and plenty of stamping plates, some of which are exclusive. Finally, the price is around 20$ per regular size sets and 8-9$ for mini set (you also can get individual bottles) if you buy through Facebook group Polish stamping plate Co-op, minimal shipping directly to you is 10$, at the end these is much cheaper than getting Mundo polish. Moon nails supply is based in Mexico, so shipping takes a while, but sometimes can be pretty quick (only 7 days !!! if you are in US). Unfortunately bottles come without labels, so I had to make my own. From swatches below you will see that Moon polish stamps beautiful both over black and white with couple exception (dark brown Maria is not visible on black, which is normal). I would highly recommend this polish for stamping. All swatches are shown without top coat, but from my own experience I can tell you that this polish does not smear, you can follow links to see nail designs which I made with some of the colors.

Figure 1. Collage with swatches of Diva (top row) and Sexy metals (bottom row).

 Figure 2. Swatches of Diva collection. Follow links to see full mani done with Salma, Ellena, Maria and Jimena.

Figure 3. Swatches of Sexy metals collection. Follow links to see full mani done with Osacr, Xavier,  Angel and Antonio.

Comparison to Mundo de unas polish.

Angel comes from metallic collection, but looks like an off white polish definitely lighter than Taupe and more grayish compared to Selena. Both are beautiful nude shades. 

Ellen is really close to the Geranium and unlike Orange stampes perfectly over black.

Antonio is basically a wonderful silver polish, dupe of MdU Silve and it stamps perfectly. Thalia is a dark grey, which stamps well over black.

Ines is close to Fantasy, but has a different shade , which I love so much.

Frida is most close to Lavender, but because it's a bit darker does not look so vibrant over black. Over white this polish looks fantastic.

Salma is absolutely beautiful salmon pink, without matching MDU in my collection, while Matheo is really similar to Coper. And Julio is a unique metallic red, love it so much.

Noah is significantly darker that both Fiji and Aqua, while Jimena is slightly more bright, I love how vibrant it actually is. Xavier is very close to Green, except that it's (!) Metallic (absolutely love it).

Maria is much darker brown compared to Chocolate, very reach and beautiful. Oscar pretty much the same as Bronze, while Vincent does not have matching colors among MDU.

Materials and Methods

Nail Polish:
  • Julep - Nicolette (white background)
  • Essie - Licorice (black background)
Stamping plates:
References - Where to buy?
Moon nails supply
Polish stamping plate Co-op


  1. Alesya thanks so much for this post! I love all the comparisons that you took the time to do. I've been really curious about moon nails supply for a long time, but on their Facebook site there is no place that lists the colors so how do you find that out?

    1. You are welcome Myishia, i knew it would be useful for many people. On theire FB page you can see colors if you go to "photos" section and choose stamping polishes album. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.620558954721383.1073741952.369080046535943&type=3

      you also can join Coop and see all colors in the order form, it's more convenient.

  2. Never mind I checked their site again and find a good amount of the colors and names.

    1. ahahha, good, I was just getting link to the album for you :)

  3. Thanks! May I ask you a question about where you purchase your picture polish? I'm just trying to find somewhere that shipping costs a little less than the site because they are really expensive.

    1. yes, i saw you already asked about it, and i even replied, but you probably did not see my answer :) here is where i buy it at www.nailpolishcanada.com they ship to US too and with current exchange rate it might be a good place for you to buy.. Also color4nails has PPs.