Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Enchanted polish gradient with El corazon metallic tattoos "Silver tattoos"


Good day darlings, today I have a design with silver metallic tattoos. For this nail art I started with one coat of Enchanted Polish Reign beau, added sponge gradient with La-la land (at the tips) and Reign beau (closer to the cuticle) and topped this beauty with Rainbow juice. Gradient turned out very subtle, but still lovely. After my polish dried I applied elements of metallic tattoos (application is the same as for regular water decals), let them dry and added one layer of top coat. It has been a while since I wanted to try tattoos in nail art and I'm pretty please with results, although the ring finger with a portion of tattoo on the skin looks strange too me. For the macro challenge prompt "Design without polish" I applied tattoo straight on my thumb nail and it looks ok, I just had to seal it with top coat. Overall, I think that metallic tattoos are nice to experiment with and I'll try to come up another design soon.


Figure 1. Nail art "Silver tattoos"

Figure 2. More images with and without bottle.

Figure 3. Macro images.

Materials and Methods

Nail Polish:
  • Enchanted polish - Reign beau (1 coat and gradient), La-la land (gradient), Rainbow juice (1 coat)
Other materials:
  • Metallic Tattoos from El Corazon
You can get various tattoos here.

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